List of types and names of Live Christmas Trees that don't drop needles as quickly

Below is a list of popular Live Christmas Trees that don't drop needles as quickly as other Christmas Trees. This selection will help to prevent Christmas Tree needle drop from occurring altogether (With adequate watering!), or later on than in other species of Christmas Tree. This list of live Christmas trees have a longer needle retention time after the initial cutting of the trunk.

The advice in the article "How To Prevent Christmas Tree Needle Drop Off" should be followed whichever Christmas Tree you buy, as a Christmas Tree without the proper care or adequate water will suffer from needle drop in any case.

Generally the popular Christmas trees such as the Fraser fir, Noble fir, and Nordmann fir, have excellent needle retention and holding characteristics. The Norway spruce has the quickest needle drop rate of all popular Christmas trees however, and not recommended for any Christmas Tree that will remain indoors for any length of time.

Christmas Tree Common NameChristmas Tree Botanical NameChristmas Tree PropertiesChristmas Tree Picture
Fraser FirAbies fraseri

Fraser Fir has an ability to retain its short soft needles for a long time after cutting. The needles are ½" to 1" inch long.

This tree also has a distinctive fragrance, now associated as a Christmas smell. It has strong limbs, a benefit when decorating this Christmas Tree.

Fraser Fir needles do not prick your hands as easily while hanging ornaments.

Fraser fir is widely used as a Christmas tree in North America. The Fraser fir has been used the most in the White House, as the Blue Room Christmas tree.

Fraser firs are grown and cut in plantations in Scotland, and they are transported and sold throughout the United Kingdom.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree, (Abies fraseri)

Picture of a Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

Fraser Fir Needles

Picture of Fraser Fir Needles

Balsam Fir,
European fir
Abies balsamea

Balsam Fir needles long lasting, and are short, about ¾" to 1 ½" in length, flat and rounded at the tip. A dark green color on the top side of the needle with a silvery green underside. The needles are also fragrant.

The most popular tree in sales at Christmas tree farms in North America.

Balsam Fir Christmas Tree, (Abies balsamea)

Photo of Balsam Fir Christmas Tree

Balsam Fir needles (Abies balsamea)

Picture of Balsam Fir needles

Noble FirAbies procera

A very popular Christmas tree. The 1 inch long, and thick needles resist dropping off and may help with hanging Christmas ornaments.
Has dense foliage with short stiff branches making it ideal for heavier ornaments. Branches are used to make wreaths, door swags and garland.

Noble Fir Christmas Tree, (Abies procera)

Picture of a Noble Fir Christmas Tree

Noble Fir Needles

Picture of Noble Fir Needles

Nordmann FirAbies nordmanniana

Nordmann Fir has sparseattractive , with ¾ - 1½ inch long needles that are not sharp, and do not drop easily when the tree dries out after cutting. This tree is a popular species grown in Europe for Christmas trees.

Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree, (Abies nordmanniana)

Photo of a Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree
Above Photo by Magnus Manske, Image use cc2

Nordmann Fir Needles, (Abies nordmanniana)

Picture of Nordmann Fir Needles

White Fir or
Concolor Fir
Abies concolor

White fir is a popular Christmas tree due to its soft needles and its excellent needle retention. The needles are ½ to 1½ inches long.
It is also used for Christmas decoration.
White Fir has a citrus like smell.

White Fir Christmas Tree, (Abies concolor)

Photo of a White Fir Christmas Tree

White Fir needless and cones, (Abies concolor)

Photo of White Fir Needles and Cones

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